Limbongan Maju is part of Marina Island Group (MIG).

Limbongan Maju (LM) is a privately owned company that was incorporated to carry out business to operate and manage ferry services primarily in the state of Johor/Malaysian waters . LM also carries out businesses related to tourism development and operations by working with industry partners.


Since 2012, LM has been appointed by Johor Port Authority (JPA) as the exclusive ferry operator for Tanjung Belungkor - Changi Ferry Terminal route. LM has plans to expand the current ferry services to include ferry from Tanjung Belungkor to Indonesian island such as Batam and Bintan in the near future. LM is also currently exploring the feasibility of introducing Roll-On-Roll-Off ferry to Singapore and Batam.


Mr. Ding Ju Hang
Managing Director

We strive to be the leader in the water transport industry throughout Malaysian waters that caters to international market.  

    Our Mission


    To provide safe, reliable and efficient marine transportation services which consistently exceed the expectations of our customers, employees and communities.

    To continuously innovate by means of technology and business approaches to keep costs at a minimum and maximize profits to the company, its investors  and shareholders.