Desaru is located 100 kilometres from Johor Bharu and is a very popular destination for its clean beaches, 
excellent golf courses and unique attractions. Its natural forest beauty, with views of the South China Sea, 
definitely makes it an exciting destination, captivating tourist from near and far. Amongst the attractions at 
Desaru include Desaru Beach, Fishing Village Museum at Tanjung Balau, Desaru Fruit Farm and the opportunity 
to see fireflies at Lebam River.The numerous places cater to budget travelers as well as families seeking fun in the sun.



Situated on 100 actres of land, Desaru Fruit Farm offers visitors a fun time learning about the country’s tropical fruits. 
Packed with over 100 varities of tropical fruits, 10 species of plants, a petting zoo, koi fish pond and other attractions, 
a visit here promises an interesting experience for the whole family. Learn how to select good fruits and try out local fruits such as the jackfruit, honey orange, water guava, soursop and durian. You may even purchase some of favourites. Good agricultural practices ensure that the fruits here are of the highest quality. Well maintained, Desaru Fruit Farm received the Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agro-Tourism (MAHA) special awards in 2006 as the best agro tourism site in Malaysia. Not surprisingly, the farm continues to receive tourists from all over the world. Come over for a half-day tour or spend a night or two with the available packages. Opening hours are 8 am to 6pm daily. Advance group reservations are recommended.

Watching fireflies, or lightning bugs is one of the main attractions in the Sungai Lebam Wetland Preservation area. Catching sight of the synchronized blinking lights for the first time is a magical experience. Fireflies emit light at their lower abdomen to attract mates and also scare away predators. They are harmless, but visitors should refrain from catching any as this would pose a threat to its fragile population. Fireflies often congregate at a vast mangrove swamp, especially at the Berembang trees. One should keep silent and avoid flash photographysoas not to scare them away. There are fewer filreflies around on rainy nights and when the moon is full. The best time to watch fireflies is one 
to four hours after sunset.


Fisherman living in the east coast used several ancient techniques to catch fish. Some looked at the moon, while others scanned the skyline for weather changes. For a dose of local seafaring supersitions and other fascinating stories of fishing and its techniques, just head to this unique fisherman museum. Located north of Desaru the Tanjung Balau Fisherman Museum was developed by the South Johor Development Authourity (KEJORA). It is part of a development project in the local fisherman’s village at Tanjung Balau. Many artefacts are on exhibits, including fishing nets and tackles, with authentic replicas of the tools used. There are also gaily decorated traditional boats, rafts and vessel used by local fishermen.


You can find many species of ostrich at Sungai Rengit Ostrich Farm. The Ostrich Farm is located around 5km from Sungai Rengit. The activities at the Sungai Rengit ostrich farm include ostrich rides for children and sales of ostrich-based products such as the huge eggs. Established in 2001, this showfarm breeds around 300 of these BIG, strong animals. A group of experienced personnel will guide you around. For more adventurous visitors a ride on trained birds back is available. The local shop sells many ostrich-derivative products and their restaurant can treat you with ostrich satay.  


Desaru Beach and Beyond.


1. Pelangi Balau Resort

2. The Sebana Cove & Marina Resort



3. Lotus Desaru Beach Resort

4. Punggai Beach Resort

5. The Pulai Desaru Beach


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